Handmade Items at Holly’s House


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Handmade, beautiful products are what we look for here at Holly’s House, to fill our store and our own homes. There is something so much more exciting when purchasing a new item for your home, when you know it has been lovingly handmade and is entirely unique. Although sometimes this means the items are a little bit pricier than if they were mass produced, the character and individuality of the item makes it all worth it.

From looking around our store I can see brands such as Daniela Rubino, Cinq Etoiles, Moglea and Kreisdesign that all make beautiful, quality, handmade items. These designers make products that range from concrete marbled planters, hand carved kitchen utensils, hand dyed stationary and unique wooden shelving. We love watching our customers pick up each marbled planter by Daniela Rubino that we stock in the shop and make the hard decision of which distinctive marble design to go for.

image montage

Images taken from Designers Websites

Our love for handmade items is what has fuelled our obsession with the amazing Grain and Knot created by the lovely Sophie Sellu. Holly’s House have been following Grain and Knot on Instagram since she started her journey into the world of crafting handmade kitchen utensils and cookware from reclaimed wood. All her products are lovingly handmade from her butter knifes to stirring spoons, coffee scoops to chopping boards. Her business is still relatively new and every piece is still handmade by herself but the brand she has created has become huge, with now over 27,000 followers on Instagram and her products being talked about everywhere, proving that traditional craftsmanship and labour are still very much appreciated.

We were lucky enough to attend one of her spoon carving workshops the other weekend held at Hatch in Hommerton and it was the most perfectly run workshop with everyone at the end of it proudly holding a finished porridge spoon.

image 1image 2image 3image 4image 5

There was something so therapeutic about sitting there on a sunny Sunday morning learning new skills, using your hands and creative mind and creating something yourself. Throughout the two and a half hours Sophie was able to teach us the steps of how to hand carve our own porridge spoon, from scooping out the bowl to carving out the handle to finally sanding down the spoon and treating it with beeswax. Throughout the workshop she had time to speak to each of her eager students about her journey as well as helping with any difficulties we were having with the surprisingly hard process of carving a spoon. We left feeling extremely inspired and with a new appreciation for handmade items.

If you are yet to discover Grain and Knot you can visit her website here, and her Instagram page here and we would highly recommend attending one of her brilliant workshops if you can!

Holly’s House Collection 2016!



Arrow Cushion with Green Poms

We are so thrilled and proud (also exhausted and bleary eyed) to have finally finished our 2016 collection.

It has been painstakingly researched, planned, designed, re-designed, manufactured, packed and shipped in its entirety – some pieces are already on our site, a few others will be arriving very soon.


The collection was designed with the adventurer in mind, for those who dream big and live freely. Trims, tassels, and fringing add texture, and whimsical eye and moon motifs are brought to life with a bold colour palette.

Our rugs, poufs, and wall hangings are handmade by artisans in Bhadohi, known to many as the textiles hub of India. A number of our designs are flat woven in a cotton and wool mix, giving a clean, modern aesthetic, whilst our long wool pile rugs create a more relaxed, native feel. Our super-sized wall hangings are designed for maximum impact and provide a new and creative way to adorn the walls of your home.

Our new cushion collection is made from 100% linen, with screen printed designs and also trims and pompoms for that essential finishing touch. These trims were all sourced in the markets of Vietnam, where our cushions are produced and carefully packaged.

Tiny Triangles Cushions with Tiny Poms

We used a base palette of pastels and monochrome, together with some neon highlights that really make the collection ‘pop’!

We hope you can treasure these pieces as much as we do, and let them bring adventure into your lives!

Meet the Maker: Conpot

Finally our search for the perfect pots has ended- the Conpots have arrived! These beauties are being stacked onto the shelves at our store as I write this, and boy are we happy to have them around! We spoke to Alastair and Kezia, founders of Conpot, about their products and the inspiration behind them.

Conpot Photo

Tell us a little about how Conpot started?

When studying Architecture at The Cass, Alastair began using the ceramics studios facilities to learn mould making and began experimenting with concrete. We feel it’s a shame to take a beautiful plant that you nurture for years and place it in a mass- produced, unattractive planter. We struggled to find anything that was both affordable and appropriate for the plants in our home, so began to design and make our own. The planters began to develop though computer aided design and experimenting with materials to the products we make today.

Conpot_Large_Black Basalt and Classic Grey

What’s inspiring you at the moment?

We are particularly inspired by the St Ives artists and sculptors including Barbara Hepworth, Ben Nicholson and Henry Moore. The way these artists explore form, materials and the process of making is very exciting.

Conpot_Faceted_Classic Grey

What do you love about what you do?

We are currently working on some exciting collaborations with some great makers; we are really enjoying experimenting with new forms and working outside our comfort zone.

Conpot_Medium_White Marble with Coloured Flecks

What’s your favourite London hangout?
Living in South East London we are surrounded by lots of great places to eat and drink. One of our favourites is Toast E.D. in East Dulwich. You can spend an afternoon enjoying a coffee or glass of wine, and they serve great food too. It’s also a short walk to the Fresh Flower Workshop, which sells really unusual plants and Brickhouse Bakery who make the best sourdough.

Holly’s House Collaboration with WAFFLE Design


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Here at Holly’s House HQ we have been busy working with one of our favourite British brands – the lovely WAFFLE Design. We had been stocking this brand for a couple of years already and their beautiful cushions were always our bestsellers, so when the idea of a collaboration came about we knew this was the brand we wanted to work with. We also love the image and ideals behind this brand, they are still a relatively small business who are passionate about using only 100% Organic Cotton and traditional craftsmanship. Their designs are based on the traditional waffle weave with their own touch of a delicate, graphic pattern detail which is hand embroidered in London, having been organically dyed in Scotland and woven in Kerala. The end result is beautiful cushions, throws and rugs which are all quality pieces and work perfectly together.

The inspiration for our cushion collaboration with WAFFLE came from looking at linear, graphic and geometric shapes that appear in architecture, design and surfaces.


Images Via Waffle Design Ltd Pinterest / Line Inspiration Board

We chose a colour combination that was unisex and subtle enough to be placed in any styled room. We also chose two different sizes, the classic 45 cm x 45 cm, which looks great styled on your sofa or favourite armchair and a smaller 50 cm x 30 cm, which looks perfect on a bed or bedroom chair.

production board

We adore the final pieces and have them scattered all over our store, so come take a look or shop the collection online!

White Hex waffle cushion 50 x 30 (plus mabel)Charcoal Hexagon Waffle Cushion 50 x 50Mustard Hexagon Waffle Cushion 50x50  Charcoal Hex Waffle Cushion 50 x 30  Mustard Hexagon Waffle cushion 50 x 30

Home Tour- Celine Erlam from Indie & Co


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For Celine and her husband Laurie this characterful one bedroom flat in Herne Hill holds a special place in their hearts- it’s the place they called home when they had their daughter, Indie. Fast forward a couple of years and after another new addition to the family (the gorgeous Milo) the couple decided they needed much more space for the kids to grow up in. They love the area so much that they have moved a stone’s throw away from this flat, and have put this on the market. Celine, who previously worked at Pinch Design, has now started her own Interior Design company Indie and Co (named after her little girl, aw!).

We adore Celine’s effortless style and colour palette. She has paired mid century pieces together with modern details and subtle pops of colour.  Some unique art prints and plant life just style this space to perfection.






Photography by Daniel Morgan for Indie and Co

Dreamy Work Spaces



Plenty of dreams can come true from a workspace….even more so if it’s a nice place to spend your time!  There are some very simple and cost effective ways to make your workspace look fab- simple reclaimed wood or painted mdf shelves to display and store your treasures look great above a desk.  You can use cork tiles, or even just the wall to make a collage of any inspiring images/bits n bobs you have collected.  And as you can guess from the images below sheepskins are an absolute must for a working chair in the HH HQ.  So here are a few inspirational images for simple dreamy workspaces….


Image via Design Sponge


Image via The Design Files


Image via The Every Girl


Image via My Scandinavian Home


Image via Blood and Champagne

My Top 5 House Plants


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House plants have quite rightly become the most popular way to add a finishing touch to any space…be it the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or any corner you can find! I love all the botanical trends around at the moment, and I’m slowly building a family of plants in my home….mixed in with some just as lovely faux species (just in case I kill them all). Here are my top 5 with a few little tips I’ve picked up on how to care for them…

1.Ficus Lyrata (Fiddle Leaf Fig)

I am unashamed to say this fig tree is my pride and joy! It just has the most beautiful silhouette, and was the perfect find for this corner spot. It seems to be thriving in this light filled room too, although the advice is that they love bright indirect sunny spots. At the time I struggled to find a pot large enough for the base, so I squeezed it into a basket but I actually now love the look of the basket with the tree…it’s a perfect fit! This plant like average warmth and does not like getting cold. It needs to be watered quite regularly in the growing season after being left to dry out first. It rarely needs to be watered over the winter months- I definitely overdid the watering this last winter which is why quite a lot of the leaves dropped.


2. Philodendron Xanadu

I adore this plant!! Pictured here in our large light grey plant pot, it’s in the entrance to our living/dining room, and it gets so many compliments! I love the jungle, wild like appearance, and the shape of the leaves. Now I have to say I was told this plant was great for shady corners…however mine didn’t take too well to being put in a dark corner! Maybe the corner was just a little too dark and dingy….but in this spot it is normally in bright shade, and it now seems to be loving life. This plant likes average warmth and thorough watering in the growing season, less in the winter months. It also loves humidity so misting will help to keep it healthy.

IMG_0228 redone

3. Rhipsalis Cassutha (Mistletoe Cacti)

Well this hairy fella has only just joined our household…and wasn’t met with a huge amount of enthusiasm from my husband when I explained where it was going to be hung! Sometimes I have these ideas and my poor semi-patient husband must think I’m stir crazy. He just shouldn’t be so good at DIY…actually I take that back, otherwise we would be almost penniless! This hanging pot together with the plant was extremely heavy, so please make sure you have the correct fixings, surface and help if you attempt something like this at home. I am more than thrilled with the results though, it makes a real centrepiece in our lobby/stairway, and I hope it will survive up there!  This plant likes bright indirect sunlight, and is best if kept above 15 degrees.  Water thoroughly in the summer, letting it dry out in between, and just a little over the winter months.


4. Plumosa Nanus (Asparagus Fern)

I came across this fascinating little fern and fell in love. It looks right at home in my uashmama container, and just looks so whimsical with those feathery leaves. The asparagus fern grows best in partial shade, and is known to be quite a hardy little plant…so fingers crossed…my track record with ferns isn’t great! It does love humidity though, so misting is essential to keep this plant at its’ best.


5. Monstera Delicosa (Swiss Cheese Plant)

This plant is a great choice as they are very easy to grow (this one has survived many years with me so it really must be!) As they grow bigger they need a sturdy support as you can see in the picture here. The cheese plant loves bright indirect light, and grows towards the light. It likes average warmth, and likes to be well watered in the growing season with a feed every month. You definitely need a decent sized room or corner space for a developed swiss cheese plant to flourish….but that’s why they are so fabulous, especially as they need such little care. I have a baby monstera on top of a cabinet which looks great too.


Our Latest Project- The Recording Studio



This is quite an exciting moment for me- posting for the first time on our new blog, with the new website up and running (albeit a little rough around the edges!) sharing some snaps of our newly finished project! This one was as adventure-filled as ever….with plenty of 1am starts to dodge the central London parking/loading restrictions and the slightly crazy Christmas shoppers braving Oxford Street! Muted, beautiful tones and rustic materials together with a relaxed cafe style atmosphere were the starting points for our ideas on this project.


Being a commercial space (and a recording studio) we obviously had to accept defeat when it came to trying to hide certain technological items…so if I had my way the TV, computers, water filter and a few other sneaky pieces would not take centre stage in this space but, hey, that’s what it’s there for! Our wonderful, wonderful carpenters worked extremely hard to custom make all the pieces you see in the space, which turned out even better than I had imagined.  The pop of teal velvet against the mixture of woody tones and the pale pinky tiles just sets my pulse racing. And all topped out with some accessories from Holly’s House- our rattan bar stools , waffle cushions, prints and gradient vase.

To have a look at our interior projects or enquire about a consultation have a look here.